3D Printing & Mass Customisation DeepHack with EIT Digital, trinckle and Ultrahack.

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3D printing has enabled fast prototyping and manufacturing of new products. Combined with design automation, everyone even those with little technical capability can now utilize the power of 3D printing to create their personalized products. Mass customisation is a concept born from such a process, with various applications and use cases such as customizable COVID-19 masks, 3D-printed shoes or eyewear, robotic gripping systems and even patient specific medical devices.

trinckle, at the heart of the mass customisation movement, partners with EIT Digital and Ultrahack to organize the Mass Customisation & 3D Printing DeepHack. The hackathon looks for creative ideas that use design automation and 3D printing. If you have an innovative mindset and are super excited to try out new things and experiment with how mass customisation works, you’re the perfect fit for the hackathon!

Mass Customisation & 3D Printing DeepHack will happen on 4-6 December, 2020 ONLINE.


Winning teams are rewarded with €4000, one-year license to trinckle’s design automation platform – paramate, and business and technical consulting with trinckle worth €2500.

Apply to join on ultrahack.org by 25 November (best teams are selected as soon as applications come in).


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