Capturing your voice in custom jewelry: bzabiz combines our software and 3D printing to create one-of-a-kind pieces

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Your jewelry says a lot about you, but what if what it said, was based on your own voice? Or the voice of a loved one? Artist David Bizer created his custom jewelry line to give his customers the ability to capture personal messages in the form of individualized pieces. We stepped in to develop an application that would make this customization process a lot easier.

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Have you ever wondered what the words ‘I love you’ look like? There is no one answer, depending on who says it; it will be different every time. It’s a feeling that is hard to put into words, let alone to visualize. But, thanks to 3D printing and our customization software paramate, anyone can turn this ephemeral and intensely personal message into a piece of jewelry.

#bzabiz: Customizing the meaning, not just the look

Artist David Bizer has been working with 3D printing for the creation of custom jewelry for a long time, and it is not hard to see why. 3D printing allows for total design freedom and flexibility, particularly in regards to design input. Moreover, thanks to 3D printing small batch or single-item production is more cost-efficient than ever. For these reasons, this technology is the perfect fit for businesses, like David’s jewelry line, looking to offer custom products.

For David, customization means far more than subtle changes in appearance. It is also about creating something with a unique meaning for the wearer. After all, one of the reasons jewelry is so special is the personal meaning behind it. That is why #bzabiz customers don’t use just anything to create their custom jewelry, and rather rely on their own voices to make one-of a-kind pieces. Although 3D printing offered David the flexibility and production efficiency he needed, one significant challenge still remained: the design. Custom products necessarily mean custom designs. Each piece has its own 3D model, and doing all this design work by hand ate up a lot of valuable time.

To create these individual pieces, David took the audio recordings he got and converted them by hand into 3D models, no small task. A modeling job that took hours, the manual design effort made it nearly impossible for David to scale his custom jewelry line. In the face of this production hurdle, David turned to us.

Enter paramate: Automated design boosting business

Not wanting to sacrifice on customization, David needed to find a way to streamline his design process, a task our paramate software was built for. We worked with David to create a configurator that would automatically convert customer audio recordings into 3D meshes. Now instead of working for hours, the model is ready within seconds, which is good news for David. But, customers also benefit from this automated design process. In the past they would send in their files and have to wait for the finished product. Now they can see a live preview of their message on the #bzabiz website.

That’s another benefit of the paramate configurator. It can be simply integrated into any e-Commerce website. The perfect addition to #bzabiz’s online business model, customers enjoy a hassle-free shopping experience when looking for the perfect gift for their loved one. Our CEO, Florian Reichle sees the ability of paramate to support digital business models as one of its key benefits: “#bzabiz is a great example of a new kind of production process. People can take their ideas, use tools like our paramate platform, create a website, and they are up and running. We are very happy to be a part of this production revolution, and look forward to supporting more innovative models like it.”

Custom jewelry and beyond: Welcome to the paramate-age

Our partnership with David Bizer represents just one business model made possible by paramate. Developed in-house by our experts, paramate enables the automated customization of any kind of product. Its advanced logics can carry out even the most complex design task making it suitable for everything from custom eyewear to individualized prosthetics. paramate is flexible enough to fit into any existing production process, and we are happy to adapt it to each of our client’s specific needs. Not to mention it is extremely easy to use, and eliminates the need for CAD experience as requirement to take part in the design process. At trinckle, we see the future in custom and look forward to bringing your products into this next manufacturing age.

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