Innovative Packaging Idea Gets a Boost from 3D Printing

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As part of a student competition, Beuth University of Applied Science students, Markus Adam and Julien Göthling, approached us looking for help to visualize their innovative packaging concept. The 3D models we created helped their idea stand out from the crowd.

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In the summer semester of 2015, the students of the “Packaging Technology” Masters program at Beuth University of Applied Sciences were challenged with the task of optimizing an existing product canister. The competition’s goal was to create a design that would improve stacking capability, ease handling, leaving enough surface area for branding, all while keeping cost-efficiency at the forefront. Driven by a desire to visualize their concept, one of the competing teams reached out to us.

Markus Adam and Julien Göthling grappled with their design for an optimized product canister for weeks, until finally creating the perfect form. Their next challenge: how best to convince the jury of the merits of their design. Markus and Julien decided that 3D models would say it best, and they approached us for support.

“Markus and Julien’s design really impressed us, and we were very happy to support them. 3D printing is an ideal technology for testing and visualizing concepts, and is commonly used in industrial settings. “Florian Reichle, trinckle CEO

More often than not we work with businesses and individuals, whose ideas push past the status quo and create something new. When an idea challenges an accepted standard it can be difficult to win support for it, and that is why convincing visualization is so crucial. In the case of Markus and Julien’s project, we created 3D printed models of their design, making their idea for an optimized product canister tangible for the jury.

“The quality of the models we received from trinckle was outstanding! The new canister concept convinced the jury, especially the custom-built 3D models, which so realistically visualized our idea.”Julien Göthling

Ultimately, their design was selected by the jury as the winner of this course challenge. A year later, Markus and Julien are still garnering acclaim for their idea. Their concept “Sinus” was awarded the 2016 German Packaging Award. We would like to once again to congratulate them on all their success!

3D printing has long been an important part of the product development process, and it is also becoming essential in the production of finished goods. We are sure that we will only get to see more innovative ideas, like Markus and Julien’s, benefitting from this technology in the future.


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