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During the last year, we have introduced a number of exciting new services, big and small, like a free automatic file repair, or MeltWerk, our completely new 3D printing service. Today, we are very proud to present the latest addition to the trinckle 3D family: our 3D Printing Enterprise Solutions for businesses.

Read on to learn more about how we enable your business to enter the 3D printing market.

Three Packages to Choose From

We have years of experience in 3D printing. We’ve helped consumers, professionals, and businesses alike to either enter the 3D printing market or to enhance their existing 3D printing businesses with the help of our software and proven infrastructure.

Starting from now, we are offering these services to all businesses. Since there is a lot we can offer, we have divided our solutions in three different packages. First and foremost, there is our amazing…

1. Customizing Cloud Engine

One of the most potent promises of 3D printing is the realization of ‘real’ mass customization. Customers seek for unique, tailor-made products that fit their needs and styles. By using our Customizing Cloud Engine, you can individualize your (existing) products in a way that has never been done before.

There is no need for any experience with CAD or 3D modeling software, due to our user-friendly, cross-platform web application. For your customers, it’s as easy as any other modern online shopping experience.

2. Tools For Model Handling

Would you like to expand your business portfolio by providing 3D printing services? Or do you have already worked with 3D model files in your everyday business and are looking for smart ways to streamline your processes?

Whatever you need, our set of advanced software tools will help you to optimize printing results, will improve your customer experience, and it will reduce handling costs at the same time. Get the entire process chain, or just integrate single tools into your website – matching your overall design.

Our model handling tools include, but are not limited to:

  • 3D model analysis and printability check
  • Automatic file repair
  • Model preview rendering
  • Real-time quoting based on model

And the best thing: both packages support seamless integration of our own…

3. Printing Fulfillment

Yes, we even print for you!

If you are searching for a supplier to take over the 3D printing production for you, we can take care of the complete fulfillment service. In the last years, we have established a proven infrastructure which allowed to deliver 3D printed objects in the highest quality at fair prices – for every material available. Focus on your core business, while we do the rest for you.

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Now, that you know about the basics, hop over to our brand new Enterprise website. You can also just…


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