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Are you suffering from spring fever? Are you ready to experience something more exciting than a usual dinner? Then have a look here!
As dinner dates continue to be a favorite among couples, whether they are going out for the first time or trying to refresh the love of their youth, we thought we spice up your usual dinner with 3D printed ideas. Our suggestions include the following categories:

  • 3D Printed Furniture
  • 3D Printed Gadgets
  • 3D Printed Dinnerware
  • 3D Printed Dinner Decoration
  • 3D Printed Accessories
  • 3D Printed Food

Enjoy browsing through our ideas. If you have additional suggestions, we are happy to add them to this post. Contact us either here, on FB or Twitter.

“Every home is a canvas. Homes reflect our dreams and aspirations for living every day to its fullest.”

(Martha Stewart, MSLO)

Even Martha Stewart, best known for her expertise in crafts, cooking, decorating and other household activities has already shown interest in the use of 3D printing for creating new decorative ideas.
Here, we like to show you some ideas for 3D printed furniture, e.g. a printed table, a side table and two kinds of chairs. As 3D printed furniture is still a niche product, most of the furniture is pricier than usual. But if you decide to go for this kind of furniture you can be aware you will be a ‘decoration pioneer’.

The cellular table of British-Turkish designer Onur Ozkaya explores new ways of producing metal in the field of furniture design. The table was created by using a double-layer algorithmic pattern to provide both strength and flexibility. Ozkaya chose the use of 3D printing and metal coating process to increase both lightweight and sculptural qualities of a typical metal furniture within in a given interior environment. For European buyers, the table will is available to buy now on commission.

In case you are looking for a side table to place your drinks on, we found a very sophisticated 3D printed one designed by the french company drawn. The table d’appoint II costs 59,00€ and is available in 14 colors and 10 days without any customization request. Be aware that you will need a basic knowledge of french to browse the website.

The dutch company Bits & Parts, a spinoff project of Makerchair series (Joris Laarman Lab) is an “experimental playground that tinkers with engineers and craftsmen on the many new possibilities of emerging technology in the field of art and design.” The company aims to fabricate 3D printed full-size affordable furniture available to all. Everybody interested in this chair can download the puzzle parts (open-source) and try to put them together.

Tired of finding the same cutlery on every table? Why not printing your individual forks, knives, and spoons. We found a convenient two-in-one solution called ‘sporknife‘ you might know from a hiking trip.
In case your dinner date prefers an extraordinary looking table over an indoor ‘camping dinner’, we can suggest the 3D printed Eragatory cutlery set designed by Belgian architect and designer Isaïe Bloch. Bloch showed that silver cutlery doesn’t have to remind you of your grandmother’s table,  but rather of elegant torture tools. The design is inspired by the notion of decay and the ornamental excess found in Rococo and Baroque art. The set is available in gold and silver and might please more your eyes than your purse with a price about 111€ per piece.

Everyone who has the impression that table decoration, in general, has been too ‘beige’ will love this colorful 3D printed flexible placemat designed by nebobkrause. If you feel like overwhelmed by all the colorfulness, of course, you can transform your data into a single-colored placemat.

Boring napkins? Or no napkins at all, therefore you have to use kitchen towel instead? No problem, pimp it with decorative 3D printed napkin rings either in an elegant version such as the asymmetric woven napkin rings or a funny equivalent such as the fat king napkin ring.

Do you think white dinnerware is too boring for you? Pimp your dinnerware with a 3D printed version in white plastic, of course, biodegradable. When choosing to print your plates, cups, mugs or bowls in 3D, be aware that the material your 3D printing services uses has been certified for food consumption. If you are not sure, don’t hesitate to contact them before you waste lots of money. Most of the models we presented in this category are for free, but the production costs for dinnerware are higher compared to a plate sold e.g. by the big Swedish reseller IKEA. However, your 3D printed dinnerware will be at least unique and outstanding. If you like you can even customize your dinnerware for your individual needs. In case you are looking for ideas for 3D printed dinnerware, we found a big variety on Thingiverse e.g. like the coffee cup by tioguerra and the beautifully designed waved bowl by carlbass. Of course, all the models can be printed with more durable materials e.g. metal or ceramics. Indeed, it depends again on your preparation time and budget you are willing to spend on your 3D printed dinner.

Everybody who has ever tried to refurbish its apartment or moved houses is aware that a little bit of decoration can upgrade even the smallest, shabbiest place. You only need to find the right accessories. This applies to a dinner table as well. Have you ever thought about 3D printed dinner decoration? If not, how about a lamp printed in a color matching with your tablecloth or your 3D printed vase? The German 3D printing company trinckle 3D has started to customize 3D printed vase extensions starting about 15€. In case you would like to get one of those vases or a lamp just contact trinckle via email. Heaps of ideas e.g. pumpkin like lamps or diverse candlesticks are available on Thingiverse and actually, some of the files are e available for free.

To top up, your 3D printed dinner you might consider adding some 3D printed accessories to your outfit. We tried to find affordable accessories that might compliment your outfit and 3D printed dinner table. For the gentleman maybe a 3D printed bow available in diverse colors ($90), or a 3D printed cowboy hat to add some Midwest flair to your dinner theme. And for the lady maybe some 3D printed jewelry such as a necklace, a ring or a charm printed either in silver, gold or just nylon depending on your budget.

We have been talking about the whole schmear, but what is a 3D printed dinner without food? Here, we are providing some ideas of 3D printed food beginning from a starter over a main course to a dessert suggestion. By now there are not many food printers on the market and moreover available for a reasonable price. But in case you are interested in food printing check out the Foodini  or the Pancake Bot “the world’s first pancake printer”.

We hope you have fun trying some of our ideas or even set up a whole 3D printed dinner. We are excited and looking forward to printing some of your dinner ideas! Are you looking for a service that brings your dinner ideas to life? Then visit MeltWerk for objects in white plastic only or trinckle 3D for everything else.

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