Wrap Up Inside 3D Printing Berlin, March 3-4

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Highlights of the Inside 3D Printing Conference Berlin, 2015

It’s no big surprise that as audience one is mesmerized by the sheer variety of topics on the 2 day conference giving deep insights on the who is who in the 3D printing industry. Over 30 sessions, keynotes and panel discussions, over 50 speakers and more than 30 exhibitors presented recent updates on additive manufacturing and rapid prototyping at the Estrel Hotel, Berlin. Industry natives, start-ups and university researchers had the chance to feed the visitors with information alike.

New Technologies and Trends in 3DP

The most important topics in the future are without a doubt in Medtec. New technologies that simplify the life of patients to allow them to live a better life after an accident or a disease are eagerly requested. Additive manufacturing is seen to play a key role through adapted leight weight prostheses, casts or similar structural supports. Especially the configuration based on parameters received by our unique body measurements is prognosed to offer big potential for new business models and services. Be it the shape of your nose, length of your arms or size of your feet products are increasingly demanding to become unique. This means a growth in 3D body scanning for consumer and enterprise services. Combine this with breakthrough materials such as biocompatible ceramics (presented by Dr. Johannes Homa, Co-founder and CEO of Lithoz GmbH (Austria) or even tissue and you get a hang of what will be possible in the future.

“99% of all hearing aids are already 3D printed”

Jurgen Laudus (Materialise)

But there is lots of buzz on the consumer market as well. According to big players like Materialise size matters. The future for 3D printed products is demanding bigger boundary boxes. The marble and tennis ball sized market for additive manufacturing is mainly saturated and found its balance. Football size and even way bigger models are still rather complicated or extensively expensive to produce. This is a boundary for producers and consumers that needs to be cleared.

Prof. Dr. Olaf Diegel of Lund University smartly disillusioned supporters of the believe that 3 printing could simply replace common production methods by giving examples that products are and will be produced in many little steps. He pointed out in presentation that additive manufacturing will be integrated as part of a whole in the production process.

Generic Design and Interactive Configuration

Maker and 3dp enthusiast networks are growing and becoming of more relevance for product and service development. This demands CAD software and 3d configuration tools to become more accessible to a larger audience with little knowledge of 3d modeling.  Dr. Gunnar Schulze, founder and CTO of trinckle 3D, highlighted in his presentation that there are several tools and attempts to make consumers become their own product designers. He and his team are working on building a framework that allows simple parametric changes to an object. This could be for instance forming a unique teapot but can lead to shaping glasses, prostheses or pieces of clothing.

Hot Topics 2015+

Right at the beginning of the 2nd day it was crystal clear where 3D printing will move to. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Franz-Josef Villmer who has been working on the field of additive manufactureing at the Ostwestfalen-Lippe University of Applied Sciences  since decades gave in his keynote a broad overview on hot  topics in 3D printing which seem to have the most potential in the future.

  • Bioprint – the Connection between Human Body and 3D Printing
  • Mass Customization – Open Doors for Everyone. 3DP Must Not Stay a Rocket Science
  • Scanning – from Whole Body Scans to Body Parts and Smaller Objects
  •  Consumer 3D Printing – Shifting Paradigm, Growing Importance of Networks and Dyi
  • Enterprise 3D Printing – Bigger Is Better! Open New Markets with Better Techniques

Meet trinckle 3D at next week’s CEBIT in Hannover – Hall 9, stand E24 – March 16th & 17th 2015

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