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Whether you want to automate your design processes for a scalable business or you simply need 3D printed parts - trinckle is your partner for the age of additive manufacturing.

Automate your design processes, make any product customizable – with our paramate cloud software.

3D printing

3D printing in highest industrial quality. Advanced model analysis meets a wide range of production methods and materials.

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At trinckle we build innovative software and offer top-notch production services to guarantee your additive business can run at full steam.

Awards & Press

„When it comes to 3D printing in Germany, trinckle is on top of their game, and has been dominating this market for some time now.”

Our clients &
strategic partners

“The inductor generator for the PROTIQ Marketplace was tailored by trinckle to meet the exact requirements of our industrial customers. Users can simply select the required basic shape and define application-specific parameters such as the number of turns, the coil diameter or the position of the connection element.”


Our clients &
strategic partners

“Conrad has been a strong partner for businesses, makers, and tech enthusiasts since the early days of 3D printing. We stand for innovative technical products and intelligent services. trinckle’s extensive experience and powerful software makes them the ideal partner for our new 3D print service.”

Our clients &
strategic partners

“trinckle is the ideal partner for us, enabling us to offer integrated support to our clients in their 3D printing endeavors.”

Martin Jaeppche, BU Manager Customer & Process Excellence, TNT Express GmbH
Our clients &
strategic partners

“Thanks to trinckle paramate, we can create some substantial added value for our customers. Offering easy access to lens customization will be a game changer in our industry.”

Peter Paul Cornelissen, Head of Marketing & Product Management, Luxexcel Group BV
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Design automation for scalable AM business models

Additive manufacturing, frequently referred to as 3D printing, is currently evolving from being a prototyping technology to scalable serial applications. New markets and disruptive business models are emerging.

Scalable AM applications require powerful and reliable software for design creation. trinckle paramate automates their design processes, whether for faster internal product development or for product configuration by your own customers.

paramate enables mass customization at a unprecedented level. Customer-specific product adaptations are possible - regardless whether it concerns patient-specific prostheses, mechanically optimized industrial components or personalized jewelry.

paramate allows intuitive design creation in the cloud or on premises - without requiring CAD know-how.

Industrial 3D Printing for all

At trinckle, professionals and home users alike can turn their digital designs into reality through 3D printing.
We ensure highest quality for affordable prices through the use of industrial machines, automated processes, and excellent support.

Just upload your 3D model, choose from a variety of materials and 3D printing methods, get your real-time calculated price, order, and get your print delivered right to your door.

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