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08.11.2018 Ford and trinckle automate the design process for additively manufactured production tools

05.12.2017 trinckle wins EIT Digital Challenge 2017

08.06.2017 Conrad Business Supplies now offers industrial quality 3D printing service across Europe

17.02.2017 The future of custom robotics is printed: trinckle’s 3D printing software is revolutionizing how manufacturers create custom robotics with additive manufacturing

30.01.2017 trinckle and Conrad Electronic announce partnership for 3D printing

14.12.2016 trinckle Recruits Former Oracle Senior Manager as New Head of Sales

09.12.2015 Financing round at trinckle 3D – € 700,000 for 3D printing software

23.09.2015 Luxexcel launches lens creator to offer customized 3D printed optics – empowered by trinckle 3D software

17.08.2015 TNT Germany and trinckle 3D join forces in 3D printing.

27.05.2015 trinckle 3D Software Solutions Enable and Optimize 3D Printing Businesses.

10.04.2015 Our 3D Printing Service MeltWerk Starts Nothing Less Than A Pricing Revolution.

16.10.2014 No more 3D misprints - 3D printing provider, trinckle 3D, starts free and automatic repair service for 3D files.

about trinckle 3D

trinckle 3D is the leading online provider for 3D printing in Germany.
Our platform empowers professionals and beginners to bring their digital designs into real 3D products. Through trinckle 3D you get an easy and affordable way to print your designs in high-quality as we offer an excellent consultation service, use automated operations as well as industrial 3D printers.
Furthermore trinckle creates web-based software solutions to support the preparation of your 3D model files and to enable the creation of customized designs.

trinckle 3D was founded in the environment of the Free University of Berlin in January 2013. Our investors and supporters include the early stage funding of the BFB (Frühphasenfonds Brandenburg) and the Berlin based Venture Capital Company bmp.

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