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3D printing file repair tool

3D printing file repair tool

We are fixing your 3D model file in seconds

Learn about how to fix your 3D model file!
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Repair of the 3D model
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Our Advantages:

no more failed or incomplete prints

Repair service for free

web-based analysis

Failed or incomplete prints are quite common. To avoid nasty surprises our tool is able to pin point weaknesses in your file. Don't invest time and effort we will fix your 3D model files for free. There is no need to download expensive CAD software or to register. The automated reparation tool will directly detect and repair your file if it contains misarranged meshes.

The most common errors in 3D models

Holes in the model

If a 3D model is in a good state it exhibits no “leaky” spots, i.e. it is free of any holes. Unfortunately, these leaks often appear quite easily. In this case, the 3D printer has difficulties to distinguish between inner and outer parts of the model. This has consequences: misprints, crashes of the printer and/or wrongly printed models.

Fix holes

Our repair service automatically detects such holes. Depending on their sizes, it creates one or more triangles to fix the model as good as possible.

Unconnected planes

The surface of a 3D model consists of a number of triangles with edges that are shared with other triangles. Often unconnected edges and complete free planes appear inside a 3D model file. This can confuse 3D printers and lead to erroneous printouts.

Fix unconnected planes

Free floating, unconnected planes are detected and removed by the repair service.

Flipped normals

A normal vector defines the orientation of a triangle's surface. It may point in- or outwards of the model. The normal vectors can be visualized as arrows pointing away from the surface in a 90° degree angle. In many models, these normals are oriented wrongly what causes the printer to interchange inner and outer parts of the model.

Flip normals

Wrongly aligned normals are automatically flipped by the repair service what enables the printer to distinguish inner and outer parts correctly.

* the algorithms of our repair service fix 95% of all problems that occur for defective 3D files

Learn about how to fix your 3D model file!

Upload 3D model file

Use the upload button to repair your .stl, .ply or .3ds files automatically. After starting the upload your file will be checked on misarranged meshes in between seconds.

Reparation of the 3D model

Unfortunately we found some problems in your model that we may be able to fix for you. Please use the repair tool to fix these problems.

If no problems are found you will be directly forwarded to the print service.

Download fixed 3D model file

The file is now ready to be printed in 3D. If you would like a preview of the problems the repair tool fixed, please find it here or download the file.
... and now your 3D model is ready for printing

Print fixed 3D model file

Your 3D model file is fixed and ready for printing. Please choose a material and a color. To assure that your model will be printed in the best quality possible we will double-check your 3D model file by hand.
Would you like to try the repair tool for free?
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