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3D Product Customizer
A new era of personalized product design

Customers seek for unique, tailor-made products that fulfill their needs and match their style. By using the 3D Product Customizer in your 3D printing business, customers can personalize your products in a way never seen before. There is no need for any experience in working with CAD or 3D modeling software, due to our user–friendly web application.

Features at a glance

Never seen before customizing possibilities
Easy as pie user interfaces
Easy website integration, tailor-made design
White or grey label implementation
Web-based application, works on any device
Bank-level security for customer and model data
One solution for multiple products
Seamless extension with our printing fulfillment
What do we mean by product customization?
Discover some features to personalize 3D printed products…

Sophisticated variation of patterns

Extraordinary structures and patterns can be easily created by the end user due to advanced mathematical algorithms in the background.


01 – Idea

You have a customization idea for your business
Get a quote or discuss your 3D printing business idea with us.

Technical implementation
We offer three ways of implementing our 3D Product Customizer:

API – Chef's suggestion
We want to empower you to offer the best customer experience possible. You know best how the user interface should look on your website, matching your overall design. Therefore we provide you with a powerful API to give our thought-out functions the final tailor-made design.

Turnkey implementation –
The full-service package

If you don't want to be bothered with API implementation, we are a delighted to take care of it. Hand in your wish list and we will take care of the rest.

Iframe – The hands-on alternative
We wouldn't call it quick and dirty, but if you are looking for an instant implementation of a well-designed interface, you might fall in love with our iframe option. This plug-in solution is standardized, but its design can be adapted to some extent in no time.

3D printing fulfillment integration

Our 3D Product Customizer can be integrated seamlessly with our printing fulfillment. Every customized product can initiate a printing order automatically. You will receive an end-to-end solution from one single source.

Printing Fulfillment
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