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I'm an artist exploring the region between art and mathematics. My work ranges from drawings made by hand and Intuition, through combinations of craft and computation, to pure math models chosen for their simplicity, depth, and grace.

Almost anything can spark a design: nature, artifact, geometry, or just something I see in my head. Sometimes I make a model, (but more often now I go straight from sketches to CAD, designing in virtual 3D but always thinking of the physical material. I use many kinds of software, from hand-driven design tools to math research utilities to nameless scripts that I write myself. When the design is ready (it can take days or years) then magic happens. My ideas mostly can't be made by casting or fabrication, so I use 3D printing technology that works directly in metal, by sintering steel powder in layers to build up the shape in space. It's not always easy working with such a young medium, but it makes my impossible objects real. I hope you enjoy these designs. I find calm and hope in making them. They're my peaceful places, and I hope they will bring some of the same satisfaction to you
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