Design automation for fixtures

Streamline complex design workflows using powerful algorithms. 

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Maximize design output

Translate manual CAD tasks into optimized rulesets and scalable design results.


Minimize design time

Enhance the design process, for significantly shorter lead times.

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Enable your team or customers

Even CAD novices can design confidently, reducing feedback loops and expanding design skills across an organization.

Make design automation work for you

Select from ready-made or fully customized design automation solutions
that operate within your web browser.


Intuitive web-based software enabling anyone to configure 3D printed fixtures

Custom solution

Design automation solutions tailored precisely to your use case. 

What our customers say

audi sport

“In CAD we usually need two to four hours to produce a design, depending on the size of the part. With fixturemate we can produce a usable fixture in minutes"

Cem Guelaylar Additive Manufacturing Lead at the Audi Sport GmbH
protiq quote

“trinckle was the perfect technology partner for us and their paramate software solution enabled us to realize a fully scalable AM e-commerce business – with optimized products for our customers at lower costs.”

Dr. Ralf Gärtner Managing Director at Protiq GmbH
Raphael Koch_Ford

“The trinckle software application does not only dramatically reduce manual design times and costs, but also streamlines the entire process. We enable our employees on the shop floor to take over more responsibility and relieve our designers at the same time. The latter can focus on their core ­activities again.”

Raphael Koch FORD Research & Advanced Engineering Europe

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