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Boost precision, fast-track designs, and unlock new business models.



Rapidly create custom tooling and co-create unique car parts.



Rapidly customize medical devices without CAD complexity.

Design automation speeds up your processes


Mass-customize designs


Improve product accuracy


Increase workflow speed by 80%


No CAD experience needed

What our customers say

protiq quote

“trinckle was the perfect technology partner for us and their paramate software solution enabled us to realize a fully scalable AM e-commerce business – with optimized products for our customers at lower costs.”

Dr. Ralf Gärtner Managing Director at Protiq GmbH
Raphael Koch_Ford

“The trinckle software application does not only dramatically reduce manual design times and costs, but also streamlines the entire process. We enable our employees on the shop floor to take over more responsibility and relieve our designers at the same time. The latter can focus on their core ­activities again.”

Raphael Koch FORD Research & Advanced Engineering Europe

Project workflow

Step 1

Concept phase

We review your design challenge, understand your needs, and identify opportunities to implement design automation to save time, save costs and provide better products. 

Concept phase
Step 1
Step 2

Development phase

We script your dynamic, configurable 3D model – based exactly on the design rules that we defined with you. We build this news application based on our paramate technology. 

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Step 2
Step 3

Frontend phase

We build a user-friendly, intuitive user interface tailored for your target user group.

Person on monitor
Step 3
Step 4

Implementation phase

Prioritizing data security, we seamlessly integrate the new design workflow into your IT infrastructure. You can choose from various cloud and on-premises options to provide the best combination of data protection and usage scalability. 

Step 4
Step 5

Onboarding and support phase

Once your advanced design solution is in place, it’s ready for both internal and external clients to use. Our team is available to provide support, enhancements, or integrate additional workflows as needed.

Step 5

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