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3D printed fixtures in 3 steps

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Step 1

Quickly design fixtures using fixturemate in your browser – free of charge.

Step 2

Upload the model in Craftcloud and select your material, finish, and color.

Step 3

Select the best offer and get it delivered right to your door.

"trinckle's fixturemate software has seamlessly integrated design automation into our additive manufacturing processes for tooling at Deutsche Bahn, particularly for 3D printing assembly fixtures and carrier systems. The software has drastically reduced our design times and costs."
Sven Gaede
Application Engineer Additive Manufacturing 

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Easily create a negative

In just a few clicks, subtract complex geometries, avoid undercuts, and fine-tune offsets for a securely fitted fixture.

Export fixturemate

Seamless 3D printing integration

Exports are optimized for 3D printing, so once your design is complete, simply slice, 3D print, and deploy your custom fixture within hours.


Industry-standard components included

A range of standard clamps and baseplates are available directly in fixturemate, saving you the hassle of creating these components from scratch.

An intuitive web-based software enabling anyone to design fixtures for 3D printing.
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