A modular, high-performance cloud platform for repetitive design processes and advanced product customization. Model geometries are generated in real-time, for fully-automated workflows. paramate's architecture combines algorithm-driven CAD with intuitive, interactive configuration interfaces. Modular components are flexible and can be tailored to your application.

Making complexity look simple.

Enabling intuitive user interaction on your website.

Parameter input
Every workflow starts with some kind of input – either direct user interaction, uploads of 3D models, scans, images, IoT data, CSVs, or other fully-automated database input.

User-interaction features
Getting rid of traditional CAD complexity, we make advanced configuration easy-to-use: Click-on-objects, drag and drop, sliders, data uploads, and so on.

The look matters.

Beautiful products deserve beautiful rendering.

Visualization options
Every workflow starts with some kind of input – either direct user interaction, uploads of 3D models, scans, images, IoT data, CSVs or other fully automated data base input.

The core of every design process.

Server-based CAD systems – scripted logic.

Our native CAD system: trCAD
Script-based CAD specifically developed for efficient, high-performance design automation and optimized for algorithm-driven design.

Third-party CAD systems
Integrate and benefit from cloud architecture: Ready to use with Rhinoceros/Grasshopper, Blender, and FreeCAD. Parasolid and Dassault’s Spatial in development.

Prepared to scale.

User frontend on your site, performance in the cloud.

Tailored user frontends
Use our extensive JavaScript library for setting up advanced frontend layouts on your website or intranet application.

Our REST API enables you to build mobile applications, to come up with completely custom-made controls and fully automated workflow integrations.

Scalable AWS cloud solution

Any workload demand can be covered by automated scaling of the server base. Device-independent, minimal setup, and no maintenance effort.


Whatever comes next.

Open integration into your workflow.

API for advanced integration
We've prepared an extensive set of API functions for integration with external environments like simulation software, ERP, or MES. Made to fit your workflow.

Production-ready output data
We provide 3D model data (STL, 3MF, STEP) for AM or other production methods, combined with relevant metadata (part lists, prices, analytics, and so on).

One backend system.

Reduce repetitive CAD tasks with web-based software that enables anyone to design and configure fixtures.
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custom solution
Collaborate with us to develop a design automation solution tailored precisely to your use case.
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